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Obama IranThe supreme leader of Iran has reportedly published a 416-page guide to wiping Israel off the map, in which he decries the Jewish state as an ally of ‘the American Great Satan’.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the head of the Muslim nation, is said to have released the extensive plan, which recommends driving Israelis out of the Middle East with endless war, even as his officials were bargaining with the White House.

Despite the good faith with which Iran claims it struck its nuclear deal with the White House and other nations, the alleged publication seems to show no let-up in violent anti-American rhetoric inside the nation’s borders.

According to the New York Post, which claims it was sent a copy of the book, called Palestine, the book outlines a strategy for a decades-long ‘jihad’ which first sees Israel brought under Islamic rule, followed by much of the rest of the world.

The Post said that the book describes a war of attrition to force Jews out of their nation, by continually harassing the borders and making everyday life difficult for citizens.

Khamenei reportedly asserts that the strategy will convince many Jews to abandoned Israel in favor of an easier life in America or Europe.

Keeping up the pressure on the borders will apparently bring about what Khamenei calls ‘Israel fatigue’ in the international community, which he reportedly claims will tire of helping the state.

With many Jews out of the picture, the Post claims, the region’s dynamics will have changed so much that local Palestinians will be able to force a vote to establish a Muslim state where Israel now stands, and take it over.

In the book, Khamenei reportedly makes a theological argument for the aggressive strategy, advancing a principle that no land which has ever been under Muslim rule should ever be ceded.

Taken to its conclusion, this would see a huge chunk of the globe, including parts of Europe, China, Russia, India and South-East Asia ruled by an Islamic state.

But while, the Post claims, ever-expanding Islamic rule is one reason to wish death on Israel, its links to the United States are said to be another.

Iranian hardliners often use the Great Satan moniker to disparage the United States, and every year the country sees huge ‘Death to America’ rallies on the anniversary of the 1979 attack on the U.S. embassy in Tehran.

President Obama is currently working hard to convince Congress to approve his deal with Iran, which he sells as the only credible way to put the brakes on the nation’s nuclear program.

Many disagree, saying the new regime will speed the nation’s path to weapons of mass destruction.

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