by Andrew Kugle

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said Monday that nobody she talks to can explain why Hillary Clinton had a private server while secretary of state.

Clinton used a private email account to conduct official State Department business and Clinton stored the emails at a private server at her house.

“I was at a security conference speaking to intelligence officials on all sides and the attorney general will talk about that later,” Mitchell said. “But nobody can give an explanation for why a cabinet secretary would have a private email system other than to thwart inquiries and someone who spent 20 years fighting off many investigations, many of which were unwarranted and led nowhere.”

Two inspector generals requested the State Department to launch an investigation into Clinton’s private emails after they discovered Clinton sent at least four emails that contained classified information.

“You have two inspectors general and they are referring to this to the Justice Department … What they are suggesting is that four out of the 40 randomly selected had classified information and it was not information that was later upgraded to be classified,” Mitchell said. “That said, the original sin, if you will, is having a private email system.”

National Journal’s Ron Fournier said Clinton’s explanation isn’t credible.

“Well, they can’t brush away the fact that the secretary said when this first was revealed that there was no confidential information given out. We now know it is true. She’s parsing it now by saying ‘at this time’ but we know when the Clintons parse and it’s happening again,” he said. “Let’s go back like Andrea said to the original sin here. It was unprecedented to have a home-cooked server in your house if you’re a cabinet secretary.

“It was against White House policy to have a home-cooked server in the basement of your house when you’re a cabinet secretary. It was to thwart congressional subpoenas, congressional requests for information and public requests for information. And the only explanation she’s given, frankly, isn’t very credible. The American public has the right now has every reason and the press has a responsibility to ask her again and again and again what were you hiding, Mrs. Clinton? What were you hiding?”

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