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Fairfax, VA  –  Frontiers of Freedom released the following statement by its president, George Landrith, regarding the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and Senator Rand Paul’s proposed amendment to prohibit discharges from the Armed Forces solely on grounds of their vaccination status and to reinstate those service members who have already been discharged based on their vaccination status: 

While national security spending is critically important, Sen. Rand Paul is 100% correct to oppose the NDAA unless the Senate votes to prohibit discharges from the Armed Forces solely because of vaccination status and reinstates service members already discharged. The reason for this is quite simple. Ever since the military mandated the COVID vaccine, recruitment has been cratering. Our military cannot be ready to defend the nation if it’s numbers are at historic lows. 

Likewise, if the morale of our war fighters is low, that also harms readiness and our ability to defend ourselves. So Sen. Paul is dead-on right to fix this problem to strengthen our military. It is also the just and right thing to do because kicking patriotic Americans out of the military for not taking a vaccine that provided very limited, if any discernible, benefit to the age and health demographics of the typical warfighter makes zero sense and lacks a rational and reasonable basis. Simply stated, it was the wrong thing to do and our current recruitment shortfalls are proof positive of that fact. 

It is time to correct this injustice, and it will also greatly benefit our ability to defend ourselves and recruit a serious force to deter our adversaries. This is pro-defense and pro-military and it is needed and necessary. 

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