The winds of scandal continue to swirl around Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the State Department. Oddly, the State Department has allowed itself to become sucked into defending Hillary and the Foundation despite the unsavory facts. It is highly inappropriate for the State Department to work to tamp down the facts and obfuscate what actually happened. It has no duty to defend Hillary’s private actions. As a result of the State Department’s very odd behavior in trying to hide Hillary’s actions from pubic view, it has made Hillary’s wrongs, its own.

One of the biggest whoppers often told to defend the Clintons and their Foundation is that it is a charity doing lots of good all over the world and thus we should not worry about these details. The Foundation may very well do some good here and there. But the truth is — the Clinton Foundation collects hundreds of millions of dollars from some very curious donors and gives less than 10% in charitable grants.

In 2013, the Clinton Foundation raised $149 million and only distributed charitable grants totaling less than $9 million. That is only about six percent.

What went on in Haiti may be instructive. The Clinton’s claimed to be active in helping Haiti recover after a terrible earthquake in 2010. However, the Clinton’s record of actually helping Haiti is mixed at best. A number of the projects that the Clinton Foundation promoted for Haiti’s benefit, never became a reality. There is real frustration with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation among a sizable segment of Haiti. In 2015 Haitians protested outside the Clinton Foundation’s offices in New York City — demanding to know where the money raised for Haiti went.

Interestingly enough, when a small fraction of Hillary’s emails were released by the State Department last year, they revealed that there was a strong effort made to create positive press for Hillary Clinton’s efforts in Haiti. However, that media blitz did not change the views of Haitians on the ground. By 2015, “much of the Haitian public” had concluded that the disaster relief money had been mismanaged, according to a congressional report. The extensive Haitian protests outside the Clinton Foundation’s office suggest the report is correct.

But it only gets worse. It now turns out that more than one-half of all the nongovernmental people with whom Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State met, were donors of the Clinton Foundation. Think about that for a minute. Fifty-five percent of her phone calls and private meetings with people outside government were with donors. That is strong evidence that Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to fundraise for the Clinton Foundation.

The donors that she met with as Secretary of State gave $156 million. Twenty of them gave more than $1 million each. And foreign government officials donated more than $170 million to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary also met as Secretary of State with these foreign government officials who were donors.

Some Hillary apologists will, in a moment of candor, admit this looks bad. But they say despite the appearances, the Clintons did nothing wrong. Really?

How many of Hillary’s missing emails turned out to be about yoga routines, shopping lists, etc. as she promised? Approximately zero.

Hillary was clearly hiding something. She hid that she had sent and received classified information on an unprotected server. She hid her pay to play scheme. He hid that she was giving special treatment and consideration to Americans, foreigners and foreign government officials who donated to her foundation. But we aren’t finding all those yoga emails, or shopping lists, or letters of condolences that she told us we would find.

So far every new revelation about her emails shows she has lied over and over again.

When a criminal is caught lying, hiding evidence, or doing other things to cover their crimes, it is proof of “consciousness of guilt.” That is simply a legal doctrine that says when you are hiding evidence or lying about things, it is because you’ve got something to hide. If those emails had really been about yoga, she would have produced them. We now know that there are many tens of thousands of emails that Hillary told us were entirely personal when, in fact, they were not. There is a reason for this — it is called consciousness of guilt.

The bottom line is Hillary knew she was doing bad things. She knew she was raising money with a secret pay to play scheme and she knew it was wrong. She knew she was collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from people who were seeking and ultimately received favorable decisions, treatment, and benefits from her as the US Secretary of State.

How can one know that she knew she was guilty of wrong doing? Because her obvious consciousness of guilt shows the truth. One doesn’t try to destroy and hide pleasant, happy truths. One doesn’t lie about good deeds or good news. Efforts to hide evidence mean that the evidence is bad news. Lying about evidence means the evidence is incriminating.

Hillary Clinton’s actions in hiding email and her lies about what the emails would contain prove that even she understands these facts are all very incriminating.

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