by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

Since the last decade of the 20th century, the United States of America has been passing through a chain of  ever deepening, corruption-contaminated, political and moral crises.  The Union has been put in this faithful situation through the successive elections of incompetent and even mentally deficient chief executives as well as by the hordes of pseudo-progressive ideologies with extremely retrograde perspectives.  Adding aggressive insults to catastrophic injuries, presidents as well as self-appointed private messiahs have been paralyzed by the  consequences of their utopian promises and outrageous lies, resulting in their mounting fears concerning the destructive manifestations of the abuses of the rule of law and the accepted logical principles of human sanity.  As a result of these skewed developments, all three branches of the government and the vast majority of the nongovernmental organizations have been lost in their self-created contradictions that they individually as well as collectively have failed to comprehend.  Today, in the chaotic disappointments of unfulfilled hopes as well as moribund illusions, the increasing intellectual corruption and multiplying violence have caused an avalanche of runaway hatred and criminality.  The gradual collapse of the utopian promises, hopes as well as illusions, have made a mockery of the distinction between the moral imperatives of right and wrong, have replaced the truth with idiotic lies and have thrown morality into the symbolic grave of the tribal political discourse.

The present occupier of the White House is a hopelessly demented, politically insignificant and morally bankrupt third class chief executive.  The frequency of domestic blunders and the panicky amateurishness of President Biden’s foreign policy, have provided one overwhelming lesson to be learned from the entire history of Presidents Clinton, Obama, Biden Wokeist nonsense: democracy can only be maintained by honest governmental policies, for which the chief guarantees are the principles of constitutionality, the unquestionable supremacy of the rule of law and the respect for the right of the opposition.  Attempts by the Democrat Party and its representatives to oppress any opposition by invoking “White supremacy” as well as “systematic and institutionalized racism”, have always been designed to annihilate any discontent that might unmask the intellectual corruption of a tyrannical “fundamental transformation” of American liberties.  Thus, usurping democratic powers by political corruption, has opened the door for the president, his family, his closest associates and the judicial organs of the federal government to let loose the demons of corrupt, anti-democratic forces within the United States of America. 

Ubiquitous corruption in politics, in the media as well as in business are the most destructive manifestations of base immorality.  Perilously, however, starting in the second half of the 1960s, federal and state bureaucracies, state and private educational institutions, including colleges as well as graduate schools, have been taken over gradually and surreptitiously by one track mind  simpletons whose incompetence and ideological rigidity have prevented them from thinking coherently and creatively.  Under the banner of “diversity, equity and inclusion”, they have undertaken to grab absolute political and economic powers, not for a majority but for a ragtag collection of miniscule minorities.  Hence, the principle of democracy has been violated by its very application.  Thus, the legitimacy of political power has been transposed from guaranteeing peace and order into a helter-skelter pseudo-democracy, which is nothing but a cruel hoax against the popular sovereignty of the people.  Therefore, in reality, the United States of America is in the process of regression toward a totalitarian state resembling Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China.  

Indeed, the United States of America under the Biden presidency is on its way to become a tyrannical instrument of naked coercion.  Since the United States of America is still the only global superpower in the world, its progressing political and economic corruption have given birth to a mass hysteria that is increasingly terrorizing every continent.  The usurpation of democratic principles that enemates from the Biden administration has become a fastest metastasising cancer throughout the globe.  In fact, faith in democracy is already abating internationally after it has been so falsified by the corrupted Biden White House.  The relentless persecution of former President Trump, the faux criminal investigations of leading Democrat grandees and their families, the relentless attacks of the constitutional division of powers, the destruction of the glorious past by a mythical future, and the vilification of the United States of America as an unparalleled monster of human history, all point to a nefarious intent of President Biden and his party to replace democracy with abuses of power that kills every vestige of American greatness and degrades political legitimacy to a bygone illusion.

On this edge of suicidal precipice, the time has come to face reality and clean up the global mess caused by the irresponsible and even corrupt actions of successive American presidential administrations.  The false, evangelical-like doomsday predictions about the demise of the great United States of America must yield to the clear sighted policies of sanity, free of ideological shortsightedness and malicious indoctrination.  More precisely, for the sake of restoring democracy in the United States of America, the abuse of power as well as the abuse of truth must be eliminated once and for all.   

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