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Unions Slam New EPA Carbon Rules

coal miningby Lachlan Markay

Labor unions criticized the Environmental Protection Agency’s new regulations on carbon emissions from power plants on last Monday, highlighting growing tensions between the environmentalist and working class arms of the Democratic Party.

Those tensions have come to the forefront as leading Democrats embrace environmentalist policies backed by billionaire political donors that are generally opposed by members of the party’s rank and file base.

Some labor unions, groups generally considered loyally Democratic, rebelled last Monday after the EPA released its new regulations, which studies have suggested will carry hefty economic costs. Continue reading

The Top Five Energy Stories of 2012

“1) Continued greening of the military, 2) Energy job creation, 3) Shale gas, 4) Carbon, 5) Our power grid’s vulnerabilities.”

by Peter Kelly-Detwiler

I recently asked a number of friends in the energy industry to make me look smart and recommend the top 5 energy stories for 2012. There were many ideas mooted, but one strong consensus: It will take a lot more than 5 ideas to make me look smart.

However, the list looks as follows, and each of these topics suggests a trend to watch: Continue reading

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