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Economics that don’t work


by George Landrith

President Barack Obama continues to argue against keeping taxes low to spur economic growth and job creation. At the same time, he argues against significantly cutting government spending to solve our huge deficits. Obama said “ [the philosophy of low taxes and cutting wasteful spending] fits well on a bumper sticker…. But it doesn’t work. It’s never worked.” Obama is wrong. It clearly has worked. And it is comical to listen to the guy who ran on the slogan of “hope” and “change” talk dismissively about bumper stickers.

During the past decade, if government had kept taxes low, kept government spending at historically reasonable levels, and not abused government power to push unwise and unsustainable mortgage and banking practices, we would not have the problems we have today. Continue reading

The Election Year Jobs Charade

unemploymentby George Landrith

Now that the 2012 election is less than a year away, President Barack Obama is finally at least talking about jobs on a regular basis. However, Obama’s new found interest in talking about jobs is driven by the election calendar. Where was his focus on jobs the past three years?

Obama won election more than three years ago, promising to fix America’s economic woes. For the first two years of his presidency, Obama had a willing and compliant Democrat-controlled Congress that unflinchingly did his bidding. Rather than focusing on jobs, he passed a $3.4 trillion federal budget, one-third of which was borrowed money. Continue reading

Another Day, Another Obama Plan

President Obama is ignoring the first rule of holes — when you’re in one, stop digging.

But no, after putting forth a $447 billion so-called jobs plan (which was really just a jobs plan for public employees and construction workers), he has now doubled down on tax hikes as his way of not only paying for that plan, but tackling the deficit it would increase. Continue reading

The Rhetorically Disingenuous Executive

by George Landrith

President Obama used the word “invest” or “investment” at least thirteen times in the State of the Union address. But what he actually meant was “spend.” If he honestly believes the federal government needs to spend more money, why not just say so candidly and honestly? Why try to camouflage the truth? Doesn’t that mean even he understands that his goals and objectives are not honestly defensible?  Continue reading

Obama’s Wasteful Spending Trumps National Security

by George Landrith

The Obama Administration has already gutted missile defense in Eastern Europe that would neutralize Iran’s growing missile threat. The Obama Administration has already slashed the Airborne Laser, which is a powerful defensive tool against potential hot spots like Iran and North Korea.

The Obama Administration’s has killed a “next generation” bomber, the Air Force’s F-22, is on the verge of ending the Marine Corps Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, and appears ready to prematurely end production of the most advanced carrier-based fighter in the world, the Navy’s F-18. Continue reading

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