Global-Climate-Change3NEWS FLASH:  The climate naturally fluctuates over time. Throughout history there have been many warmer and cooler periods. Some of those were dramatically warmer and dramatically cooler and some where gradually warmer or cooler. There was once an ice age. Thankfully, there was obviously a warming period that ended the ice age. We’ve had cooler periods and warmer periods since the end of the ice age as well.

So now when the climate fluctuates with a brief and moderate warming period that is well within historical norms, there are some alarmists who vociferously argue that this is an unprecedented event and it will cause catastrophic ecological damage to the planet as well as economic damage to the human population. The actual hard evidence supporting such theories is almost nonexistent. Most of what the alarmists point to are computer models of their own creation with assumptions and mathematical multipliers of their own creation. But that is not real evidence.

The truth is I could create a computer model that would predict that Tapioca Tech will win the BCS football championship every year, but that doesn’t make it evidence that it has happened, or that it will happen. It is simply a product of my biases and predilections.

Nonetheless, these alarmists claim that terrible things will happen if you don’t support their radical proposals for new taxes and regulations designed to make energy increasingly unaffordable and will have the effect of killing millions of jobs. Simply stated, they promise that if we will give them our freedom (via laws and regulations) and our money (via carbon and other taxes) they will save us from a coming climate crisis. This isn’t a lot different from the children’s bedtime story about Chicken Little  (aka Henny Penny) and alarmist claims that the world was coming to end because the sky was falling.

Here’s an interesting video that explains how the global warming extremists and alarmists are engaged in scare tactics and trying to pull off a huge a swindle.


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